Monday, January 26, 2009

PPMG Announces Strategic Partnership with Usability Service

Perfect Pixels Media Group (PPMG), a web design agency that focuses on branded user experience on the web, and Psychster, Inc., a social psychology and usability consultancy, are pleased to announce a strategic partnership that will offer their clients a holistic solution to user experience that ensures user stickiness and acceptance.

When building websites and online applications, success is dependent upon user acceptance and adoption. When the user can intuitively interact with the site he or she will have a pleasant experience, get the information needed in a non-stressful way, and not only stay on the site, but return.

There is no lack of websites on the internet. Differentiation is key. PPMG and Psychster offer the keys to making a website stand out. We work hand-in-hand to create the most effective user interface that matches up with the strategic goals of the company. From start to finish these two companies offer expertise founded not only on years of experience but also on solid data and user information.

Psychster provides usability studies through a very cost effective, web-based interface. Usability studies give the opportunity to collect deep, individual interview data. The interviews that we conduct will uncover issues, whereas the surveys will show you how common those issues are. A team of PhD level psychologists conducts the usability studies. This gives an added value of looking at user reactions on cognitive, processing, and social levels. This information is then integrated into all levels of the website build, from branding to information architecture to design, to implementation by the senior level team at PPMG. PPMG is all about user experience – both the client’s and the end-user’s. We have a savvy team of experts who have offered integrated solutions for fortune 100 companies, as well as start-ups.

Both companies are agile, work closely with each other and the client, and have a long track record of client satisfaction. Please contact Kate O’Neil at 800.834.9309 x702 for more information.