Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Perfect Pixels' Jason Levine will begin teaching at the University of Washington in 2012

Beginning in the Spring 2012 quarter, Jason Levine will be teaching in the undergrad program for the Information School as well as the Masters of Communication in Digital Media program for the University of Washington. The two classes will be Information Architecture and Interactive Design.

The Information Architecture class will be focusing on how to structure content as well as creating an intuitive and logical presentation for complex websites so that users can put information to use.

The Masters Interactive Design class will focus on learning how to interpret user needs and placing users at the center of site design by learning the fundamentals of brand and usability.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Case Study for the Employment Security Department

We were tasked with a complete re-architecture and redesign of the Employment Security Department's employment and economic information website which is set to go live in a few months. The site contains thousands of publications, reports and presentations which required a complete overhaul. The case study below describes how we accomplished this task by focusing on a persona-based, task oriented navigation structure.

Just hit "Play" to hear the accompanying voice over.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

CareOregon case study

Last week we launched CareOregon's new website. The process included user surveys, usability tests, creating user personas, brand exploration, editorial, photography selection, sitemap and wireframing, and design. You can view the video below to hear more about the various deliverables.

The design was targeting to improve the level of user engagement and efficiency in users reaching their intended content. The following stats were pulled for CareOregon's new site comparing the month since the launch and the previous year's numbers for the same time period (2/7/10 to 3/5/10 and 2/7/11 to 3/5/11):

  • +34.88% improvement in new visits
  • -34.44% reduction in bounce rate
  • +34.18% improvement in time spent on the site
  • +10.46% improvement on the number of pages viewed per user
  • +38.36% improvement on visitors sourced by search engines
  • +35.77% on new visitors
  • .02%of users relied on search (65th most visited page was search results). Previous: 10.1% , the 9th most visited page)
Check out this SlideShare Presentation. You can hit the Play button to hear the voice over:

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Video Produced for Cobalt Group

We just completed an animated video promoting Cobalt's new ad service. Cobalt is a web hosting and online advertising service for car dealerships. They wanted an innovative and fun video to send to their customers to introduce their new service offering without being boring while saying it. So the challenge was to take on a complicated concept and explain it in 2 minutes or less without putting to sleep the viewers.

PPMG concepted an idea using a rainmaker machine as the metaphor of how the service could create customer traffic. Our process was to break each element into its own separate deliverable.

First, we provided three summary concepts. Then after a concept was selected we made rough storyboard and attached narrative copy to it. We then provided three illustration styles to choose from as well as voice over talent selections. Once each was approved, we just stitched it all together and dropped it in Flash! You can see the preliminary sketches and the illustrations below: