Friday, September 12, 2008

PPMG Announces New UK Design Service

Perfect Pixels Media Group announced today that they are opening a design and production service focused specifically on businesses in the United Kingdom that are looking to cut costs while not compromising quality. Taking advantage of the weak US dollar, UK companies can now partner with an overseas high-end design studio that is still culturally British in style and tone. Mark Knight of Broadgate PR in London put it this way, "Its like champagne quality at beer prices".

We save costs by utilizing overseas resources in the US making it essentially half-priced. Though based across the pond, our founders are from the London design scene, so we are able to create a branded, user-centered design experience bespoken to the style, sensibilities and substance that is uniquely British. PPMG experience includes top UK brands such as Virgin, Alexander McQueen, BetFair, The National Lottery and Landor.

With the success of our pilot programme providing Information Architecture, Branding and Interface Design for Trusted Places, we are now ready to roll it out to the public. The new Trusted Places design is set to launch later this fall.

A new site and call number are now available for our UK clients:
020 7193 1921

For inquiries, you can reach us at